“Cawl” Fundraising 28/02/19 helps “Jesus Generation” Ministry


A total of £402 was raised at our “Cawl” meal fundraiser at Wendy Pope’s home in Merthyr Tydfil,  Wendy, a faithful supporter of the Charity throws her home open twice a year to help raise funds.  Wendy is the “hostest with the mostest” and a steady flow of people arrive throughout the day.  I prepared some traditional Welsh Lamb Cawl and a Beef alternative and a lovely veggie version was kindly supplied by Wendy’s friend, Bethan.

I prepared some quizes on famous Welsh people and we had a “Welsh” Name the Teddy Competition.  There was lots of  other home made food for sale – cakes, cottage pies and apple crumbles plus hand made cards.  It was like feeding the 5,000 as the food stretched to feeding lots of other ministries and people in need with the left overs.

God Bless everyone who supported in any way.