Thanks to Carrina’s Shop in Beaufort


A huge Thank You to the 3 Carrina sisters for taking one of our Charity Boxes and raising a grand total of £30.70.  Thank you for believing in our vision and coming alongside us in support.

2 weeks ago my friends Wendy and Suzanne came along on the journey to collect the box and we were thrilled to hear their story of 3 generations of this Italian family running the shop – in 2 years they will have reached 100 years of trading.  They sell such a variety of things, serve Coffee and makes the most incredible ice cream – we all ended up having 2 and we’ll be back!!!!  In so many ways it reminded me of little corner shops in Romania

We are grateful for your support and also to Casey who arranged delivery of the box – if you know of anyone who would be interested in taking a Charity box for their shop or any other type of business – then please let me know – I have boxes ready.