Patricia’s Ministry

    By: Irene Phillips

    February 13th, 2020

    In: Trips


It was a joy  this year to be able to support our good friend, Patri’s Ministry with shoe box gifts.  Patri is part of the incredible Luca family, who support me so much.  Her grandparents kindly host me year after year and take such good care of me.  Her mum, dad, brother and other grandparents  are also very supportive of our work.   Aunt and Uncle, Mike and Adina now live in Wales in our village and I was so very blessed to have their help in Romania for 9 days during the trip.

Patri runs a Children’s ministry out in a very poor area just north of the city which can only be accessed via muddy tracks.  Poor quality housing encompasses an old Ranch built during communist days and it is deprived area, sadly with powers of darkness present.

It was a joy to visit their Christmas programme.  Please pray that the Light of Jesus will overcome the powers of darkness in this area