Vinga Children’s Programme

    By: Irene Phillips

    February 13th, 2020

    In: Trips


We are excited that this ministry is up and running again thanks to Pastor Jackie’s grand-daughter, Elizabeth and her friend Diandra, who do a brilliant job.  Vinga is a very poor area and the children so look forward to coming to the programme.  In the summer it is held out of doors but in the winter they hire the town hall which is an added expense.  The programme involves Bible based activities.  We are blessed to be able to support the running of the ministry.

At Christmas Elizabeth and Diandra brought in extras to their team from Harvest Church in the city of Arad so we also had live guitar music.  The children enjoyed so much the celebration and the singing was superb.  They then made Christmas decorations before placing them on the tree.  Pizzas were delivered much to everyone’s excitement.  Finally we distributed the shoe boxes which they so appreciated.