New cases needing support

    By: Irene Phillips

    February 15th, 2020

    In: News


Every time I visit Romania God plants in my path some-one new who needs support.  This year as well as the additional widows  that I met for the first time, 2 other ladies with exceptional circumstances were drawn to my attention by friends, Dani and Lavi who accompanied me to their homes.

I am unable to name them for privacy reasons but one was aged 64 and has a difficult home life.  She walks for three quarters of an hour one way each day to catch a bus to get to her cleaning job.  Her husband is unable to work and has no pension. They live up a very long muddy track in a field.  The building is made up of all sorts of materials and they have no water or electricity.  Their only light is run from a car battery and a relative delivers water in containers.  We give thanks that they had an old metal fire which serves also as a cooker and that they had a supply of wood. I felt humbled to meet her and her husband and we bought her some food and gave her some warm clothes.

The other case was of a lady, aged 41 with learning difficulties who lives alone in a small apartment left to her by her late parents.    She is unable to safely use a cooker and so she eats everything cold.  During our visit we established she had one light bulb in the kitchen where she watched her old television with her one chair.  Her only other possession was her bed and a broken fridge.  It was so sad.  She mentioned that she has a brother in Germany who once a year sends her a little money. Apart from this her only income is from a  little job she has cleaning the communal areas of the apartment block.  Due to her disability she is unable to do this job to a standard acceptable to some of the residents.  Please pray that the residents will show empathy and understanding for her situation because she relies on the income.  We were able to supply her with appropriate food and some clothing.

We thank the Lord for His provision enabling us to leave some funding with our trusted friends towards the needs of both these cases.    They will monitor the situation and keep us informed of developments.   Please pray for them all.