Widows Mite Project

    By: Irene Phillips

    February 15th, 2020

    In: News


It was a joy for me to visit many of the widows supported on this Project in the Arad and Timisoara states.   Sadly Pastor Jackie who leads this ministry is currently in hospital recovering from a bad infection following knee surgery – please continue to pray for her.

We  supply funds to support the widows and the widowers with a monthly food parcel, wood or heating allowance, plus in some cases help with medical bills.  I love nothing more than to spend time with them just chatting about their lives and also telling them a little about Wales and life here.   I was blessed to meet 4 new widows in Recas and Izvin in Timisoara due to the kind generosity of Jackie’s, grandaughter, Elizabeth, who visits monthly with their supplies.  Elizabeth has a such a warm and caring relationship with each one. Our friend, Callum also drove me to the remote villages of Dolat and Graniceri where among others, I had such a blessed time with dear Mina who is not well and ready to be with her Saviour. I also visited many in the city of Arad and the village of Vinga.

Since arriving home, sadly we lost 2 off the programme, dear Ana, whom I visited in Arad and also Carl from Vinga, who was also so very special.   We give thanks that both knew the Lord.

Please continue to pray for this ministry.