A Tribute to Pastor Jackie Ramsey

WM Lena Spring 2016 002

It is with great sadness that we report  the death on 25th February of our American friend, Jackie.   She is seen here with widow Lena who also departed this earth last year.

We give thanks for Jackie’s life and her servants heart since 1998 when she was first “called” to Romania, where she made her home.  She set up various ministries, planted 3 churches and had a passion for helping those in need.   Jackie was extremely organised and knowledgeable about Romanian culture.  She walked in faith and could achieve the impossible in a country where there is much red tape.

I want also to pay a personal tribute to Jackie whom I worked alongside when I was “called” to serve full time in Romania  in 2005.  She took me under her wing, helped me with visas, got me urgent medical help when I needed it but most of all she taught me much about “walking on water” through faith. I smile when I think of the many adventures we had  like delivering food parcels in blizzards, getting stuck in mud with her truck,  dealing with a riot when we delivered bread to a very poor area, getting almost arrested by the police during street ministry for the homeless,  to name but a few. Her famous words were – “We can do this, Irene !!!! We have the Lord on our side.  Yes there were times when we had differences of opinion but we always respected one another.  We had the privilege of hosting Jackie in Wales 3 times, including our wedding 13 years ago which she participated in.

Our Trustee, Christine also wishes to pay tribute to Jackie for her help and support to both she and the late Peter when they purchased a home in Romania in the early 90’s.  They in turn supported Jackie’s ministries together with Kay Grover, who was the founder of “Reaching Romania”.

Before she died Jackie put into place arrangements for her ministry work to continue.  She  will be greatly missed by many people but we give thanks that she is no longer in pain but rejoicing with her Lord and Saviour.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.