An Appeal for the Tabita Childrens Home


As a Charity we have had a long relationship with the Tabita Christian Children’s Home in Arad run by the Debora Foundation.  The Home provides a caring and loving environment for 12 children who have had traumatic backgrounds.

The Management has an arrangement with the State that they take groups of children so that siblings are not separated which would add to the traumas they have already experienced.  They are cared for by a rota of caring house mothers, many of whom have been on staff for many years.  As per Child Protection regulations a teacher, social worker and part-time psychologist also make up the team.  The children are brought up in a Christian environment, are encouraged with their studies so they can reach their full potential as well as being taught life skills.  Most importantly, unlike State facilities they are able to remain in the home until they are mature enough to live independently with support.

I had the privilege of working as a part-time volunteer at this Home when I served full-time in Arad from 2005 until 2007.  I initially gave the children extra English tuition which in turn led to a Christian Children’s Programme and a teenage Bible Study.    Adina also has a long association with the staff and children, having worked at the Home for many years.  She and husband Mike also maintain regular contact with everyone and take the children on outings whenever they visit Romania.

The Home has for many years been supported by German sponsors who make periodic visits.   However, last year one of the main sponsors who also co-ordinated other financial help sadly passed away and as a result the Home has seen a huge reduction in financial support which is giving real cause for concern.

We are deeply touched by the standard of care that these children receive and we want to do all we can to support them.   Please join us in prayer for provision.   If your heart is stirred to help then any donation large or small would be gratefully received.  If you would like to give monthly support to help safeguard their future, then please contact Irene for a Regular Giving Form or download one off the website.    You will receive regular updates on the Home. 

We fully appreciate that we are living in difficult financial times here too.  Due to our commitments with other projects and the suspension of all our fund raising events, the Charity has limited funds available at this time but we will do whatever we can to help.    However, more support is needed to safeguard the Home’s future.  You can donate via cheque (payable to “Reaching Romania”, PayPal via our website, or direct into our account – Lloyds Bank.  Account Name: Reaching Romania. Sort Code:  30-90-01.  Account Number: 01468233.  Please put a Reference “Tabita” on any methods of giving. 

Sadly Cornel, the handyman at the Home died recently of coronavirus.  He will be greatly missed and we extend our sympathy to his family.