Update on the Widows Mite Project

    By: Irene Phillips

    July 2nd, 2020

    In: News


Sadly in the last 6 months we have lost 2 of our widows: Ana from Arad and Maria from Timisoara plus 2 widowers, Anton from Arad and Carl from Vinga.  They will be sadly missed but we are giving thanks that they all knew the Lord.

We are so grateful for Ramona who buys, packs and delivers the food.  Everyone on the project so looks forward to her visits and we were so grateful that she visited everyone with food immediately before the lock down and is now back visiting monthly following the ease of restrictions.   The visits make such a huge difference to their lives as so many are lonely.

She has now put another 3 exceptional cases on the programme:

“K” is just 50 and her husband recently died of kidney failure leaving her to care for 2 children with no income.  She is praying that she will be able to get back into teaching in the Autumn.  She will receive help with food until she is able to support herself:

“M”, aged 60 has mental and physical issues and does not qualify for a pension at the present time so she too is being supported with food parcels.  She was in tears when her first supply arrived and said it was an answer to prayer;

“B” is a widow with 4 children (1 with special needs), has mental illness from a vaccine that was given to her when she was a child. Her home is clean and she cooks and cares well for her children despite her disability.  However, they struggle financially and is so very grateful for her monthly food supply.

All these cases are worthy of support and deliveries of food and spiritual support make a huge difference.