Distribution of the Christmas Consignment

    By: Irene Phillips

    January 12th, 2021

    In: News


Thank you Lord for your provision and distribution of our Christmas consignment.  October and November was a busy time for us as we packed everything for transportation to Romania.   I was disappointed at not being able to travel this year, due to my age and the risk of coronavirus We owe gratitude to so many people: those who helped us sort and pack, Ramoth Christian Centre for use of their building,  Support for Romania, their drivers Geoff and Christian and to Dani & Lavi Luca and their family for distributing everything including food parcels in the midst of a pandemi!  Thank you Lord for their protection.

God is good and provides us with everything we need – despite the pandemic we were able to send out around 500 shoe box gifts plus other items with food parcels being purchased in Romania.  The important thing was that , even during this trial every project received the funding they needed and every vulnerable old person and child in need received a Christmas gift from the Lord.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed in any way.