Sponsored Walk for Widows & Orphans (3 miles)

Date-Walkers Choice Location-Walkers Choice

In compliance with Government/Welsh Assembly Covid 19 Guidelines and Restrictions we have had to rethink our strategy for raising funds this summer.   After cancelling all our fundraising events for the past 4 months we are facing challenging times on how to maintain our financial support of Romanian ProjectsWe desperately need to raise money for our widows and orphans – please see the Widows Mite Project and Children’s Homes on this website for details about their needs.

To minimise the risks to walkers and the public ,this year we have combined our 3 annual sponsored walks in different areas into just 1 with a difference!  Anyone wishing to participate will have the option of doing the 3 mile walk  either outdoors or at their property,  We have set out strict guidelines to comply with Government restrictions and our own Health & Safety policy (which are included in our sponsor packs).

Please contact Irene on either 01874-636575 or 07910939716 or Email: admin.reachingromania@gmail.com for a Registration Form and a chat. Once registered, Irene will supply a sponsor pack electronically or post with all the details you require.

We already have hubby Wayne, myself and our beautiful dog Poppy signed up plus Adina & Mike Page and Pastor Gary Vowles from Hirwaun.