Baby Ministry


A volunteer team provide love and care to babies in need of support (some who have been abandoned) five mornings a week at the City Hospital in Arad.


To provide tender loving care to sick babies, some of whom have been abandoned: Supporting poor families to try and prevent abandonment.

This project was founded by English Missionary, Jodie Davies in 2003. After her return home in 2007, Adina with help from Irene, Wayne & Kathleen Taylor took over the day to day running of it until a formal agreement was made with the city hospital management in 2013.

The Ministry now led by missionary Lyndsey Ball provides practical, loving and spiritual care to abandoned babies and others who have limited support from parents. A team of trained volunteers visit five mornings a week to bath, feed, cuddle and interact with these precious gifts. Providing them with love and stimulation in their early years is so very important.

Lyndsey & her team also come alongside poor families with support to try and prevent abandonment. Help may include purchase of dried milk, medication, nappies, toiletries, clothes, blankets and lifts home from the hospital. We provide financial support towards equipment such as changing mats, toys and a microwave as well as daily essentials  such as nappies and toiletries.

We are unable to provide pictures from within this state facility but have included those permitted from the outreach ministry before the formal contract was in place.