Children’s Homes


Arranging monthly sponsors for minors in Children’s Homes and supporting with Christmas gifts. All sponsorship goes towards education, medical expenses, food & clothing.


To provide financial support via sponsors to children being cared for in Christian run Children’s Homes.

The Charity provides financial support for three Christian run Children’s Homes.


Osana, Timisoara and Caleb in Ianova

Osana, located in the city of Timisoara is home to a total of 6 girls, some with traumatised backgrounds.    This is a warm and loving family type home run by a Romanian Pastor and his wife.   Caleb, located outside the village of Ianova is a small farm accommodating 7 boys from difficult backgrounds.  2 other boys from poor families in a local village are also supported.  Their healing is assisted by caring for animals – cows, horses, pigs, chickens, goats etc. They have Christian German houseparents who also do an amazing job.   100% of sponsorship goes towards education, health care, food & clothing.

Tabita  Arad

This facility accommodates 12 children and receives some financial support from Germany.   Irene and Wayne have a strong bond with the Tabita children from their days of living in Romania. Irene taught English, cooking, craft making and led Children’s Ministries and Bible Studies. Our friends, Adina & Mike do a lot of activities/excursions with these beautiful children, which we financially support.  Our Trustees visit the Home whenever they are in the country.

With the increasing cut backs in health and social welfare budgets many Romanian Foundations are struggling to survive. More Sponsors are required to ensure these vulnerable children, many of whom  have experienced traumatic pasts, have a future.  We provide regular supporters with 6 monthly reports on the children.