Widows Mite


Meeting the basic needs of 36 poor elderly people who have no family support. Provision of monthly food parcels, a supply of winter wood and help with medication when funds allow.


To improve the quality of life of these precious people by providing food, warmth, love and spiritual support through regular visits.

This ministry provides support for 36 elderly people with limited pensions or family help. 2 have no state pension and others survive on as little as £60 a month. Many struggle to grow their own produce to preserve for the winter while others take seasonal farm work to survive The majority live in rural areas in mud brick houses with no internal water supply or funds for repairs. We are thankful that many have come to know Jesus through the Ministry.

The Charity helps with monthly food baskets, medication, a supply of wood for the winter and sanitary items.  In some cases we fund essential maintenance.   Due to the distance involved our funds are now concentrated on the State of Arad but at Christmas we also travel to remote villages in the State of Timisoara.  They all so look forward to their Christmas boxes, lap blankets and a new pair of slippers.

Following the sad death of Pastor Jackie in February, 2020, this ministry is now run by Rock of Hope Ministries based in Arad  to which we send regular funding.   A  warm and caring lady called Ramona purchases all the food parcels and delivers them once a month.   She has a true heart for these vulnerable people,  keeps an eye on their changing needs and also prays with them  Our Trustees keep in regular contact with Ramona and we are blessed to catch up with them all during our mission trips.