What we do

Our work here at Reaching Romania is divided up into many different projects, each focusing on a different area.

Widows Mite

Meeting the basic needs of 40 poor elderly people who have no family support. Provision of monthly food parcels, a supply of winter wood and help with medication when funds allow.

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Vinga Children’s Programme

The weekly Children’s Programme and Youth Ministry receive financial support towards the resources that they require in addition to fees for camps when funds are available.

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Jesus Generation Centre

A popular Kid’s Club and Music School where pupils are not only taught how to play instruments but where they receive sound biblical teaching and are guided on how to apply it in everyday life.

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Children’s Homes

Arranging monthly sponsors for children in two Children’s Homes and supporting four homes with Christmas gifts. All sponsorship goes towards education, medical expenses, food & clothing.

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Homeless Project

Providing food and spiritual hope to individuals encountered on the streets and supplying residents at a Night Shelter with hot food and suitable gifts at Christmas.

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Baby Ministry

A volunteer team provide love and care to babies in need of support (some who have been abandoned) five mornings a week at the City Hospital in Arad.

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Adina’s Ministry

Social worker Adina supports children, families and elderly people through difficult times, often acting as a guide & advocate for people with medical problems & poverty related issues.

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Current Fundraising

Ancas Story

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At eight years old, Iasmina has spina bifida and 15 other diagnosed serious medical conditions. She and her mother spend a great deal of their time in hospitals. Financial help is required to help with their huge medical expenses.

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